Writer's Bio Michelle Beadle‚Äč

I am the daughter and grand daughter of German Jewish Holocaust survivors, and a first generation American. I grew up in New York City, graduated from Cornell University, Tulane University and Fuller Theological Seminary and live in New Orleans. I love meeting people and having spiritual conversations. I have been meeting with people individually for many years to share what Jewish Scripture has to say about Messiah.

Michelle Beadle

I know, however, that my capacity for personal interaction is limited. Therefore, it has been a dream of mine for many years to compile the content of these conversations into a written study that can be used as a resource for others. I believe this study will enlighten both Jewish people and those who are not Jewish. I know there are other resources available about Messianic prophecy. I am not aware of any that deal with the specific sequence of topics I have included in this 11 week study.

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