If you could sit down and talk-honestly-about God with someone you trusted, would you say God seems distant and out of reach? You are not alone. Join Michelle Beadle on a journey through Scripture to discover how God, through Messiah, enables us to actually know Him, and to experience His love, joy, and peace.


Michelle has presented an invaluable correlation of prophecies in her book “Messiah In Jewish Scripture.” She takes you on a journey that is insightful and inspirational as it leads you to the undeniable conclusion that Yeshua-Adonai was and is the long awaited Messiah. Her presentation provides proof from fulfilled prophecy that is both logical and simple to understand. Her review of archaeological discoveries, and scientific facts that were not proven until centuries after they were recorded in scripture affirm that the texts have been accurately preserved throughout the centuries and establish it provides a reliable account of the history of Isreal. Michelle has provided a resource that that is a wealth of information to both  Jewish and non-Jewish people as they search for answers to heartfelt elusive questions that plague many of us…I commend her for her courage, dedication and commitment to share the truth and stand as a beacon for all that have been persecuted for their faith

Elysse Curry

Author of How To Find the Real Deal Without Getting A Raw Deal

Referring to the most basic statements about Yeshua that correlate with prophecies about the Messiah in Jewish Scripture, Michelle has constructed a simple, logical, progression of facts leading to the undeniable conclusion that Yeshua is absolutely the Messiah, Adonai. This is a treasured gift given to all by way of thorough research. Speaking personally, I’m grateful to have been counted among those who may access the wealth of education, and inspiration through her text. Michelle has provided an invaluable reference for anyone seeking to verify Yeshua as Messiah, Adonai.

Mrs. Anne Friedman

Masters in Teaching


About the Author

Michelle Beadle is the daughter and granddaughter of German Jewish holocaust survivors, a first generation American. She grew up attending a synagogue founded by German Jewish survivors in NYC.  At the age of 20 she met her Messiah. From that day on, her life changed.

"You Shall Love Adonai your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength."

Rabbi Hirsch, in his commentary on the meaning of the word ahav – love in the Torah, writes that the meaning of the word is “…both to give of oneself and to bring oneself to God. It is the feeling of striving to get the closest attachment to God by completely giving oneself up to Him and endeavoring to make Him attached to you.” Samson Raphael Hirsch, The Pentatuch: Translated and Explained, 2nd ed., vol. 5, Deuteronomy trans. Isaac Levy (London: Jewish Press, 1966), 91.

Judaism teaches us that we should love God. But how can we love someone we do not know? How can we love someone who cannot be seen? Join Michelle on a journey through Scripture  to discover how you can have an intimate, loving, personal relationship with God.

Michelle Beadle
michelle beadle

Book Author.

Messiah in Jewish Scripture

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